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Regarding Cl​asses:

  • Students must adhere to the dress code for attire, footwear, hair, and jewelry.

  • Be on time to class. For health and safety reasons, it is vital that students not miss the warm-up exercises and stretches at the beginning.

  • Girls should enter the studio quietly and respectfully. No yelling in the garage or slamming the door.

  • When waiting for class to begin, students may not walk on the studio floor until instructed by the teacher.

  • Children are not allowed to play on the stairs in the studio waiting area.

  • Street shoes may not be worn on the studio floor.

  • Ballet shoes may not be worn outdoors.

  • The waiting area is closed for all classes except Pre-Ballet.

  • Every student in the Pre-Ballet classes (preschool age) must have an adult who is responsible for them stay at the studio (indoors, outside, or in their car) for the entirety of the class. Parents, siblings, and guests may not walk on the studio floor during class time, but may remain in the waiting area.

  • Parents of the students in the Primary Ballet 1 & 2 and Ballet Company classes are allowed to wait outside or in their cars, but are not required to stay. 

  • Food and drink is not allowed in the studio except for water. Please bring a water bottle!

  • Chewing gum is not allowed in class.

  • Students in Mommy & Me, Pre-Ballet, and Primary Ballet 1 & 2 should bring notebooks in which to put stickers received at the end of each class.

  • Students in Primary Ballet 2 and Ballet Company should bring their Bibles for devotions time, which will occur at the beginning of each class.

  • Students are expected to listen and follow directions. If a student is repeatedly not following directions, she may be asked to sit out of class.


Regarding Missed Classes:

  • As a courtesy, please inform the director if you will be absent from class. Missed classes cannot be refunded.

Regarding Cancellations:

  • If there is inclement weather, the director will communicate via email whether or not classes will be cancelled that day. The weeks of February and April vacations are reserved for make-up classes in the event of snow days.


Regarding the Spring Recital:

  • If a student is not able to participate in the spring recital, please inform the director by January 8, 2024.


Regarding Social Media:

  • Please do not post any photos or videos taken during class time on social media.

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