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Payment Options:

  • Year-long contract (8 months, October-May) - pay Monthly, Biannually, or Annually

  • Session contract (4 months, Half year: Session 1 - Sept. 25-Jan. 18; Session 2 - Jan. 22-May 18) - pay Monthly or total Session amount at start of session



*Sibling discount- Each additional daughter you register will receive 10% off her tuition. [The discount will be applied to the daughter(s) who has the larger tuition amount.]

**Multiple class discount- If you register your daughter for more than one class, you will receive 25% off the tuition for the second class.

Other Fees:

  • Registration Fee - $30, paid once per year at time of registration, one per family

  • Costume Fee - TBA, for Spring Recital costume, due March 2024 (*Special Note-​ Ballet Company class will have one additional costume fee for a presentation during the year.)

Payment Methods:

  • Check

  • Cash

  • Venmo

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